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Reply Susie
7:18 PM on April 7, 2014 
Hi Cheryl! We look alike! Could we be from the same litter? I was born 11/13/2012 and am trying to find my brothers and sisters? My mother was Flash and Dash and my daddy was Jordee? Could you be part of my family? thank you Hope to hear from you! Love, Susie
Reply ilsteelergrl86
9:59 AM on November 17, 2013 
Cheryl, Hi.. Finley is an amazing puppy. I watched Abby's video of her canon ball jump into the pool, Wow how awesome is that.
Reply Heidi
6:41 PM on June 12, 2013 
I'm glad to hear she's back to her old routine :) My fiancÚ and I were gone for a week so I know how you feel about leaving her. It was hard but a nice little break. All the much better when we got home. He didn't recognize us at first though :(
I laugh that you ask about chewing. When I got home from work today our house was filled with shreds of cardboard and wedding magazines. We've been trying to wean him from his kennel so we leave him out in the afternoon because he's only out for 2 hrs by the time I get home from work. Well today I got home an hr late plus it's storming so this is what I get. Do you have Facebook? If so, we should add each other. I have some good pics of Dexter.
He got his second haircut last week so they probably look very much alike! We shaved everything off. He's a whole new dog!
Reply Heidi
6:23 PM on May 25, 2013 
Oh my goodness!! Poor girl! Is her eating a little better now? It's a good thing you took her in. I wonder if it was something she may have eaten outside? I'm surprised Dexter hasn't been sick yet with all the things he eats.
Reply Heidi
1:12 PM on May 10, 2013 
Abby certainly knows what she wants, doesn't she?! She sounds so adorable. Her and Dexter are opposite in the food and water department. Dexter will eat and drink any and everything. Other than a bee hive. He's encountered 2 now that were both empty and instantly lunged back after sniffing it quick. Otherwise he'll eat anything we give him. He's been a lot more slobbery. He drools a lot. Does Abby? While he's sitting and waiting for his food he will start drooling. After he takes a drink he brings puddles of water with him all over our house. He's a messy boy! But not picky at all. He drank out of all the rain puddles we passed today on our walk. Gross. Have you stuck with the same food since you've had Abby? We feed Dexter Pure Balance.

I'm surprised Dexter still has so much white on him. I love it though and hope it doesn't go away! Now that you mention the copper points, he does have little bits of copper on his ears and face. I remember some of his siblings having the copper points too.

Dexter does pant all the time. It does concern me at times but I think he is just always excited and it works himself up. Even outside, it can be 30 or 75 degrees and he will still be panting.

I'm sorry to hear your wake up time is 6 am every day! Yikes!! I'd be in bed by 8 each night. Lol. Maybe once you start daycare she'll need her sleep a little more. Let me know how it goes!
Reply Heidi
11:05 PM on April 30, 2013 
Oh my goodness! Even their markings are similar. It looks like Abby has lost most of the white on her forehead. Dexter's is slowly fading. Nobody has said he looks human, but I agree about the eyes! What color are Abby's? Dexter has the same color as me...brown! They do look human though. They're very pretty, especially with the long eyelashes.

I'm glad to hear her eye issue was nothing too serious. Better safe to at least get it checked. It truly is similar to having a kid, isn't it?

Dexter has hair pretty much everywhere lol. Like I said, he got his hair cut back in Feb and he needs another already. We cut the hair around his eyes tonight so he can at least see and stops running in to so many walls, etc. Maybe it's because he's naturally a little clumsy :)

Hopefully Abby takes a liking to your pool. That will be nice for the summer if she is anything like Dexter. He pants all the time.

You should definitely take Abby to daycare! Dexter got one day free and absolutely loved it. I'm sure she would too! We even got a report card lol. They did a physical on him too. It's good to have them interact with different dogs. He was sleeping when we went to pick him up :)
Reply Heidi
10:00 PM on April 27, 2013 
They do resemble each other closely! He looks a lot bigger in person than he does in pictures. It would be neat to see them side by side, so if you're ever in Wisconsin...haha.

I haven't noticed a third eyelid on Dexter. Have you taken Abby to the vet yet? Was it just a one time thing? He gets a lot of gunk in his tear duct but never anything like that.

Abby sounds like a fun puppy! And very smart. They really are similar to children! When we were away, my fiancÚ's parents (who watched him) said he was pretty good BUT: he ate half a stuffed animal duck and went swimming in a huge puddle/pond in the woods which required a bath. They had a black lab over there who he plays with and they told me that dog went in first, Dexter hesitated, but then got in position and lunged in. So note to self- Dexter is not afraid of water.

Dexter paws all the time. He is a big fur ball bear so it does look really cute but you are 100% on with the scratching. Those sting! He does it when he wants your attention, while playing together, or if there is a lot of wind blowing in his face (car rides).

Oh, and when we went to go pick him up when we got home yesterday, he barked at us for a good 15 seconds before approaching us!! So he either forgot who we were or was mad we left :( He barked at my mom today too when she came over but ran up to my sister. Usually he runs to everyone. I thought it was strange!
Reply Heidi
7:28 PM on April 18, 2013 
Your stories about Abby always make me laugh. I imagine her looking like a little kid grabbing the parents around the ankle when they want something. lol. And the pile of fluff from the pillow. Haha! I do have to laugh at the little ways they find to communicate. We thought when we got Dexter that every dog likes a nice comfortable kennel. Well not Dexter. We usually put old sheets in there and we had a pillow in there as well. Well those both look like they got sliced up with a knife. So now he usually just has an old sheet piled up in the corner so it's there if he wants it.
I think I jinxed myself with the jumping on the counter comment. My sister likes to spoil him just as much as I do, so today she bought him 2 toys. We gave him one and put the other (a bone) on the counter. Ten minutes later he walks in to the room I am in with that bone. So yes, he will do what he needs to do to get what he wants!
I have also been trying to wean Dexter off the treats for everything. Usually he gets them on walks, before we leave, after he comes in the house and sometimes just for being good. I can never ignore him when he expects it though because he gives me the cute puppy eyes! I haven't been giving him many on our walks because he doesn't walk very well lately. He's been doing too much pulling and exploring. Understandable, because he's a pup but not the behavior I want.

I might have to just try another brush. The one we have doesn't go through his hair very well. Lots of grooming is right! He's had 2 baths just this week. Day 1 was because he ran to the neighbors where some little girls were playing and ran through the puddles and mud they had in their yard. Bath 2 was because he was muddy after our walk. We will be leaving on vacation tomorrow so we have the "grandparents" watching him. They live in the middle of the country so I predict some baths in the near furture.
By the way...took him to the vet today. He's weighing in at a grand total of 49.2 lbs!! He gets 3 cups of food a day. He's just a growing boy!
Reply Heidi
4:03 AM on April 14, 2013 
He got a Wubba for Christmas and that is actually one of his many toys that does still exist. He did manage to chew off the tentacles from the bottom but otherwise it's still chewable. He also has a regular kong that you can put the treat in to and he loves that. He thinks it's a fetch toy sometimes. He always sets it on my lap after he's slobbered the whole thing up. But if he's bothering us and gets sick of the kong we just put some peanut butter inside it and he's back to it in no time.

Abby's outside habbits sound just like Dexters! I can just picture them looking the same sitting side by side. He frequently comes in with a brown beard. It's hard to stop him from eating everything because his nose is constantly to the ground, even on our walks. Lately, I've had to throw him in the bathtub when we get inside because of all the mud he walks through.
We are fortunate that he comes in if we tell him to though (most the time). He went 3 days with no walk this last week because the weather has been so crappy. Surprisingly our house is still in one piece. Did Abby whine a lot during the storms? Dexter didn't seem to mind it...just came in the house quickly when it was pouring outside.

Dexter doesn't jump on the counters unless one of his treats is sitting up there or something he knows is his. He usually listens once we say off. The trainer told us to put a cookie sheet half on/off the counter with a soda can full of coins. Then when they jump up and knock it off, thy won't want to do it again from hearing that sound. Haven't tried it but worth the shot!

I have a horrible sense of smell but even I can smell Dexter. So I don't know if it's just him or his breath because he pants all the time. You haven't noticed any smell on Abby? How often do you guys bath her? Oh! And does she like being brushed? Dexter hates it but I think it's the brush I use. I've been meaning to find something else. What do you use?
Reply Heidi
11:21 PM on April 9, 2013 
His eyes do get red on and off throughout the day but I could never figure out what was causing it. Now that you say that, that could be it because he does play hard. And yes! When he does chew on his toys he will do so right on top of us. When I move he will follow me and then continue to chew his toy on my lap. That's as close as we get to cuddling at this point! You can definitley tell Abby is a cuddler just by looking at the last two pictures you posted....too precious! You have to cherish those seconds...that's usually all it is with puppies before they're off to something else!

Other than Abby's hobby of nipping, how is she doing with chewing? We have been going through toys like crazy lately. He chews them apart in no time. His favorite are the ones with the squeakers. I love him to death but ahhhhh!!

I like the quote! Our pups are going through the "terrible twos"! Hopefully it won't be too bad now that they can be outside more and let off some steam. Although all he does outside now is eat the dead grass and anything else he can find instead of run around and play.

He does have huge yawns! And once in a while, he still lets out that little puppy squeak as he does it, especially after he just wakes up. That's one of my favorite things about him. Does Abby usually start whining when she wakes up or does she sit and wait? I'm just surprised he sits and waits on the days we can actually sleep in, although we can hear him get antsy. Then we know it's time to go potty.

It sounds like you're doing a great job with Abby and she sounds like a keeper! I wish I could have met all of them together.
Reply Heidi
11:43 PM on April 6, 2013 
Another couple I know got a mini golden doodle a year ago. Very smart and well behaved dog. I wanted something similar but not the same and now here is Dexter! As I was searching, there weren't many around. I wanted one that had a tail too, otherwise who would I call shark tail?! So many I saw had the docked tails,

He is the same way with the shedding. A little comes out when we brush him otherwise we just find small clumps around the house occasionally.

We do the same thing with Dexter for going in his kennel. He hated it at first so we started feeding him in there and now he doesn't hesitate to go in. We give him special treats as well. He's very food motivated! We will have to try again later with the kennel weaning. I just feel bad when he's in there.

We don't have kids either, but has Abby been around any? I have a 6 year old and 2 month old nephew that are over sometimes. Dexter gets very excited around the 6yr old because of his size and energy once Dexter gets him going. He ends up with a few scratches occasionally but otherwise he's ok with him. He's very curious with the 2 month old. He likes to follow us around everywhere and then lays by him on the floor or while he's in his swing. I have some cute pictures.

I'm such a bad parent. I only realized an hour ago they are 6 months today!! Haha. Time flies! Dexter had surgery in Feburary and returned home the same night. Like I said, he doesn't cuddle. Well when we got home that's all he wanted to do. Whether I was on the floor or couch he'd immediately sit on my lap. Then back to himself the next day.

It's nice that you have your nephew to consult during all these different stages and phases! I can only imagine the amount of testing Dexter will do. I'll keep my eyes open for the Red Barn products to keep his little teeth happy.

I'm watching Dexter nip right now as I type, haha. Does Abby know the word "toy"? We tell Dexter to go get a toy when he's trying to get our attention like this and then he goes to find one and brings it back for us to play with him. That might work for you too!

I'm bringing Dexter to the vet next week so I'll have to let you know what he weighs then!
Reply Heidi
11:18 PM on April 5, 2013 
Another adorable picture of it! She looks like a big cuddler :) I smile at how much she looks like Dexter!! Yes, he does have just a little white on the top of his head yet but not as noticeable as it used to be. Still a lot of white on his belly, front two paws and the tip of his tail. We call it his "shark tail" because that's all we see when he's behind a table or piece of furniture.

I did not get to meet the parents but I wish I did! I live too far away to drive directly there and back. It would have been neat to compare. I see Jordy is the daddy to a lot of pups, haha. I do remember seeing both Jordy and Corey on the website. It was so difficult choosing which puppy to commit to when we were looking. They all looked so tempting!

Dexter has honestly been a great pup until last week when he started getting in to some trouble. We keep him in his kennel during the day when we're both gone and at night. He doesn't seem to mind it. The only time he cried was his first week with us when he was 6 weeks otherwise he sleeps until he hears us wake up which is anywhere between's nice! Like Abby, he is out for the night by 10 and sleeps in the kitchen before we put him in his kennel. We have been trying to wean him from the kennel during the day by keeping him out while we are gone for an hour or two. One day last week he chewed one of our wooden chairs in the kitchen and then the very next day he chewed a small hole in the wall. I don't know what his deal is! He's never destroyed anything before this. It looks like he has all his teeth so I don't think it's an issue with that. He does get walked daily or we play fetch outside for a while and that tires him out. Hmmm...

Are you able to keep a straight face when Abby argues with you? That sounds like a smart dog! Dexter will have his moments when he thinks he's right but will eventually listen after not too long. He gets more in a bark mode when he wants to play and wants to give us his toy but wants us to work to get it like we make him do. He doesn't do too well with distractions as far as listening. He likes to bark, jump and pull when there are other dogs and people around. We need to work on that.

I love hearing Abby was interested in her brother :) I love that head tilt. Too bad dogs don't have Skype! Haha. And I definitely don't mind the questions! It's fun comparing notes. I always wondered what his siblings looked like and what they are like.

Is she shedding? Dexter has been here and there. I'm guessing it's going to happen while it continues to warm up.
Reply Heidi
4:08 PM on April 4, 2013 
Abby is adorable! She looks close to Dexter's size by looking at the picture! I posted a new one of Dexter, which I took today. He had his hair cut back in February, so his coat is pretty wavy now.

Abby sounds like Dexter in many ways! It's amazing how smart these dogs are but not once they outsmart us :) Dexter is unfortunately not a cuddler but he does like to be around us all the time like Abby does. And they must get the barking from their daddy because Dexter is also a barker. Sometimes he will look out the window and just wag his tail at people but when he's outside he likes to bark at people and other dogs. He usually will stop once we say "no bark".

I bet Abby will love to swim once she gets used to it. With all the energy they have I can't see them not enjoying it. Does she do ok with baths? Dexter usually just stands there and gives me a death stare, haha. We live in WI so Dexter just loved the snow (it is finally melting, yay!). I've never seen a dog pounce so much. Lately I've been taking him to the park to play fetch and he really enjoys that.
Dexter's name was Hemi on the website. What was Abby's? I remember there being 4 black and white pups if I recall.
Reply Heidi
9:39 AM on April 4, 2013 
Dexter IS a big boy then. We had him weighed almost 2 weeks ago and he's already 44 pounds! He is also very smart and friendly. LOVES to play. When we took him to puppy school, on the first day the trainer said he was "the confident" one because he is the one to initiate play with other dogs and usually the last to stop. What is Abby's personality like? When he wants attention he will come put his head on my lap or give me a toy and keep nudging. Nipping hasn't been a big issue for him.
I'm so glad we found Dexter's sister! I smiled when I saw your picture because I have a few pictures that look almost exactly the same.
Reply Heidi
8:52 PM on April 3, 2013 
Hi Cheryl,
My puppy's name is Dexter and happens to be a sibling of Abby! They look so much alike! How big is Abby now?
Reply Cheryl
12:39 PM on March 27, 2013 
Hello - any siblings of my Abby? She was born October 6, 2012. Her mom is Darcee and her father is Jordee. Would love to hear from you!
Reply Cheryl
3:16 PM on December 3, 2012 
Anxiously awaiting my little girl's arrival Saturday!!! :-)